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Merchandising service

Do you want your sales up and business to be profitable? In this case high quality and favorable prices are not enough. Even the best products tend to remain unsold on shelves without proper display and placing. That’s what the merchandising services we offer are meant for.

How do our merchandising services help you?

Having a successful sales in today’s market is becoming more and more challenging. A large number of products from different manufacturers have almost identical characteristics, which significantly complicates competition. It is often more important that a product is properly presented to a potential buyer, rather than it has certain characteristics and favorable price as far as retail sales are concerned. That’s what are merchandising services are meant for.

We offer the following range of services
to our Partners:

  • Merchandising services not only in federal, but also in local retail chains.
  • Personal manager for each individual project.
  • “Hot line” for continuous exchange of information.
  • Detailed weekly and monthly reports
Merchandising Visits per day Moscow Saint-Petersburg Other cities
Discounters (self-service shops): Kopeyka, Pyaterochka, Dixy, Monetka, Kvartal and others (from 20 minutes and above per visit) 5 140 r. 135 r. 130 r.
  4 145 r. 140 r. 135 r.
  3 150 r. 145 r. 140 r.
  2 155 r. 150 r. 145 r.
  1 160 r. 155 r. 150 r.
Supermarkets (self-service shops): Perekrestok, Billa, Sedmoy Kontinent, Atak and others (from 25 minutes and above per visit) 5 142 r. 137 r. 132 r.
  4 147 r. 142 r. 137 r.
  3 152 r. 147 r. 142 r.
  2 157 r. 152 r. 147 r.
  1 162 r. 157 r. 152 r.
Hypermarkets (self-service shops): Karusel, Auchan, Metro, Lenta, O’key HM Nash and others (from 30 minutes and above per visit) 5 145 r. 140 r. 135 r.
  4 150 r. 145 r. 140 r.
  3 155 r. 150 r. 145 r.
  2 160 r. 155 r. 150 r.
  1 165 r. 160 r. 155 r.
Points of sale / shopping chains located far from the city (from 30 minutes and above per visit) 5 150 r. 145 r. 140 r.
  4 155 r. 150 r. 145 r.
  3 160 r. 155 r. 150 r.
  2 165 r. 160 r. 155 r.
  1 170 r. 165 r. 160 r.

*All prices indicated above include agency fees and VAT, and cover for provision of standard weekly photo reports and reports on availability of products in POS.

Merchandising is a type of marketing activity aimed at promoting goods and increasing volume of retail sales. Merchandising services provide for competent goods layout on store shelves, shelf life supervision, constant monitoring of competitors' pricing policy, timely updating of POS-materials and price tags, increasing the number of facings and much more. It is a matter if simple necessity if you want your products to be successfully sold in stores.

Most of the time it is unprofitable for a company-manufacturer or wholesale supplier to keep its own merchandising department. This is due to significant payroll cost and complexity of organizing effective supervision over remote merchandisers. The work becomes especially difficult and costly in cases where it is necessary to provide coverage of a large number of outlets and retail chains.

A much more effective solution would be to engage merchandising services of a specialized agency. Professional merchandising services will make it possible to maximize efficiency with minimal financial costs.

"Retaillux" offers its clients merchandising services of high professional quality. We provide a full range of services and work with different categories of merchandise, from food products to medicine. The company has a large staff of qualified merchandisers and applies cutting-edge methods of sales promotion, as well as progressive approach to staff training and supervision.

It is our merchandisers who will:

  • Deliver your goods;
  • Guarantee high-quality shelf layout;
  • Inspect price tags;
  • Place POS-materials;
  • Replenish the goods on shelves.

On the other hand, supervisors will:

  • Order necessary product quantity in certain POS;
  • Control merchandisers’ performance;
  • Draw up electronic reports on work done;
  • Make photo reports.

Our major advantages

  • working with federal and local retail chains, as well as separate outlets (over 1 800 POS in total);
  • geographical coverage of almost all Russian Federation territory;
  • support of every single project with individual manager;
  • providing reports to the clients on weekly and monthly basis;
  • 24 hour “Hot Line”;
  • favourable merchandising price.

We know how to boost sales of YOUR products!

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Kiselev V.D.


We express our sincere gratitude to merchandising agency Retaillux for cooperation that proved to be especially useful for our company. We managed to optimize internal budget allocation starting to invest preferably into promotion of our own brands during cooperation with the agency. It resulted in substantial growth in brand chain sell out share. We believe that it was high level of rendered merchandising services which significantly helped us achieve commercial success.

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