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Merchandising in pharmacies

Merchandising in pharmacies is a set of efficient rules and techniques, which enable to achieve significant growth in turnover of a pharmacy and, consequently, resulting profit. Each and every pharmacy is a trading organization with its strongly pronounced peculiarities, which define ways of promoting products in it.

Let us emphasize that pharmacy merchandising implies promotion of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, general medical products and other related items.

Merchandising in pharmacies: purpose and objectives

While taking on merchandising tasks, it is necessary to determine list of articles that will be available in an outlet with a price range, and to choose methods and types of goods layout and accompanying promotional materials. Properlyorganizedpharmacymerchandisinghelps:

  • to increase sales volumes, turnover and profit level;
  • to build a positive image, drawing new customers, and increase the number of pharmacy regular visitors;
  • to improve the quality of service in general.

Appropriate goods layout and space zoning, which are components of merchandising itself enable:

  • to achieve customers’ longer stay in pharmacy sales area;
  • to prompt a customer to make impulse purchases;
  • to draw their attention to certain product items and groups of goods;
  • to demonstrate product range to the full and stir customer interest in the certain directions;
  • to create an atmosphere of total physiological comfort for making a purchase.

Psychology of pharmacy visitors and its role in merchandising techniques

Pharmacy merchandising uses a wide range of techniques, both generally used in other industries and specifically applied in pharmacies only. Its rules are based primarily on psychology of would-be customers.

Generally, people are quite shy about their own health: many pharmacy visitors prefer to choose a drug, taking into account only pieces of information provided on a showcase. If a person goes astray in the variety of medications displayed he can simply leave without asking pharmacist any questions.

Hence it’s important to have all medicines proposed clearly divided into groups by disease (so-called treatment groups) so that customers could see and understand it.  

Placement of treatment groups should stimulate purchase of “adjacent” goods, i.e. those that may also be necessary with account of customer’s issues.

Rules of laying out pharmaceutical products: basic principles

Merchandising in a pharmacy is primarily about laying out goods and their placement in the areas of a trading floor, which stimulate interest and customer demand. It is extremely important how zoning of a trading floor working space will be carried out. Let’s name major principles that should be followed while placing the goods around pharmacy trading space:

  • OTC drugs should occupy the most advantageous spaces and to be offered in face-ups clearly separated by treatment groups;
  • separate zones should be allocated among each large group of products of similar designation (goods for pregnant, nursing mothers and newborns, biologically active additives and homeopathic medicine, vitamins and healthy lifestyle medicine, orthopedic products and medical equipment, medicinal plants etc.)
  • checkout aisle should be organized for high-demand general medical products with due account for seasonality.

Merchandising in a pharmacy also includes basic rules common to goods layout, such as rules of goods allocation by levels, various characteristics and features, rules of visual perception and others.

Promotional and POS materials in a pharmacy

Merchandising in a pharmacy is inconceivable without smart use of POS and promotional materials of all kinds.

POS materials should be increasingly used for the most profitable articles of pharmaceutical product range. Would-be customers expect the highest informational value and level of clarity from an advertisement of a pharmacy. These are the types of promotional products that can prompt a person to buy. That said, the language of informational and promotional materials has to be understandable for and average customer, i.e. free of complicated medical terminology, but without excessive simplification.

Retaillux agency specialists are ready to execute an order for professional merchandising in a pharmacy. Highly qualified employees of our agency have long experience of successful collaboration with pharmacies of different size, ranging from large networks to small branches. Professional merchandising services will ensure increasing popularity of a pharmacy with 

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We express our thanks to the management and experts of Retaillux merchandising agency for efficient work on promoting our brand products on the market of the capital. Thanks to high-quality merchandising we actually achieved sales growth on each SKU in all retail chains where they were present. Thanks you for results achieved, under prevailing economic circumstances they were more than satisfying. We are planning to develop our business cooperation with your agency as further as possible.

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