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Assignation of temporary staff

Assignation of temporary staff for various businesses is a really popular service provided by outsourcing companies. It implies leasing out various professional specialists for particular period of time. Some experts consider such practice economically justified since it has several advantages:

  • minimization of regular staff costs;
  • reducing HR work scope;
  • tax burden optimization which leads to simplified accounting processes;
  • decreasing management responsibility level.

Also assignation of temporary staff gives perfect opportunity to shift responsibility for the quality of working processes to outside company. Leasing out specialists the outsourcing company bears all responsibility for them and their qualification. Depending on nature of activities of the staff and company’s needs in personnel, you can use our services on a one-time basis, or conclude a long-term agreement. Thanks to convenience and economy temporary staff is popular among both small companies and large retail chains such as Auchan, Metro, Eldorado, Tvoy Dom, Billa, Sedmoy Continent that happen to br the main clients of RetailLux merchandising agency.

RetailLux are professionals for any job you need.

Our agency RetailLux provides a wide range of services regarding audit, merchandising, outstaffing, BTL, outsourcing (supply of temporary staff) for more than 5 years, being already the largest agency in Russia. We guarantee high quality, professionalism, integrity and confidentiality to our clients, our broad set of vacancies will allow you to get an experienced employee at your disposal in no time.

We provide personnel of the following spheres:

  • cleaners, labourers;
  • packers, drivers, pickers;
  • production workers;
  • trade: consultants, sales people, marketeers;
  • finance: accountants, tax specialists, auditors;
  • legal: lawyers of different specialisation.

Temporary staff is provided on contract basis.

Specialties and conditions of outsourcing.

Use of temporary experts is regulated by the Law of Russian Federation, Labour Code of Russian Federation, and also by the contract signed between the customer and our agency “RetailLux”. So it is possible to use services of temporary staff:

  • on short-term basis, one-time - for the period of particular job parts (loading and unloading, delivery, cleaning, reports preparation and submission);
  • for the period of regular expert absence;
  • on long-term basis, half year, 9 months.

Prices for temporary staff depend on various factors:worker specialization, qualification level, terms, nature of works. At first sight it seems high until estimation of the cost of keeping permanent staff with similar skills.

Warehouse worker from 125 rub/hour
HR services from 120 rub/hour
Cashier from 145 rub/hour
Promoter from 140 rub/hour
Picker from 130 rub/hour
Cleaning services from 120 rub/hour
Assembly line worker from 125 rub/hour
Stickering person from 130 rub/hour
Laborer from 115 rub/hour
Shop assistant from 145 rub/hour
Седьмой континент
Предоставление временного персонала
Предоставление временного персонала
Предоставление временного персонала

Transparent scheme of work


Chernovaya Lilia


We had necessity to put in order the office, soon reopening after renovation. So we turned to RetailLux who offered workers and cleaners services on outsourcing basis. This experience was satisfying for us and we believe it to be absolutely positive. Large work scope was managed on time and of a high quality. RetailLux pleased us with thorough supervision over workers in the course of task fulfilment and the final result. In fact outsourcing of cleaning services turned out to be simple and economically advantageous soultion for us. We express our thanks to RetailLux for a great job.

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