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Merchandising in a shoe store

Competently organized merchandising in a shoe store can showcase all benefits of the goods offered, stimulate consumer interest and prompt to purchase. The success and profitability of an outlet will largely depend on how thoroughly merchandising principles are taken into account.

Basic principles of merchandising in a shoe store

Laying out shoes on a trading floor depends primarily on price segment that a shoe store belongs to - luxury, mid-price or low-end of the market price range. However, in any case it is necessary to highlight all advantages of a proposed product by laying out and organization of a shop space.

For luxury footwear effective display is crucial. They are usually singled out by using particular lighting, placement techniques, creating free space around, quality trading equipment etc.

When arranging shoes of budget segment they are usually allocated with due account for the following categories:

  • manufacturerandbrand
  • size;
  • consumer category (seasonal footwear, home, sports, elegant etc.)

Layout of footwear also assumes arrangement “by collections”, it is usually carried out with due account for above mentioned categories. since the very concept of “collection” for standard shoes (except luxury segment) is not that considerable as for clothes.

As the practice shows, the most advantageous technique turns out to be arrangement of footwear by categories. This method of arrangement enables to immediately meet specific needs of potential buyers looking for shoes of particular purpose. Dividing saleable assortment of shoes into categories, you can build spectacular compositions from existing list of articles, drawing all shop visitors attention straight away.

The most eye-catching positions in the arrangements should be given to new and high-demand products.

Crucial aspects of laying out budget segment shoes

Even if the shop owner is eager to demonstrate considerable range of products available as much as possible, shoes layout on the trading floor should not produce a sense of sameness and monotony. Continuous long line of same-type products are able to drive away even a loyal customer.

In case of such an approach to goods layout it will be especially important to put emphasis capable of drawing buyer’s attention to certain models. This effect is achieved by using special trading equipment (insulated vertical pillars etc.). Individual groups of products should be visually separated, at least by means of free space between them.

Merchandising in a shoe store does successfully address the task of attracting and keeping buyer’s attention. The monotony of layout is successfully tackled by different-level shelves, rotation of pair of shoes at an angle relative to the plane of the wall, mutually perpendicular positioning of racks etc. Quality lighting and favourable arrangement can draw attention to a product that have been undeservingly ignored by the buyer.

Features of children’s shoes merchandising

Children’s shoes layout has some specifics to it. Usually these goods are arranged according to gender of a child (boy/girl) and standard age groups:

  • toddlers (0-3 yearsold);
  • preschool (4-6 yearsold);
  • gradeschoolers( 7-10 yearsold);
  • teenagers.

These groups, in their turn, are divided into subgroups by purpose and style - seasonal, everyday shoes (for school and kindergarten), holiday shoes etc. In addition, you can use principle of separation by color, style, brands and so on.

Highlighting expensive children’s shoes with the help of merchandising techniques actively encourages consumer interest and drives up sales volumes. For children’ shoes stores it is crucial to use common techniques of building warm and comfortable atmosphere around the shop in addition to shoes layout.

Retaillux agency’s highly-qualified specialists are ready to render professional merchandising services of footwear for retail outlets of any class, scale and specialization. With our help you will ensure increase in your sales volumes, turnover and profits.

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