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Merchandising of a shop display

Merchandising of a shop displays is believed to be one of the key tools to boost sales growth. Moreover, it often tends to be the main tool. Proper use of merchandising encourages significantly higher sales volumes, and profit of the outlet accordingly.

Basics of merchandising in a store

Merchandising in a store is often perceived as a set of activities primarily aimed at improving serviceability, which certainly has a positive effect on sales growth. However such a representation is rather too narrow and frequently leads to underestimation of opportunities and lost profit.

In fact, competent merchandising of shop windows is virtually an indispensable tool for any modern store. Application of such a tool enables to present your goods to a customer in a more favourable light, to stimulate and direct his choice. It results in higher sales volume and turnover, contributes to the influx of new customers, and helps to feel confident in the environment of fierce competition and generate high profits. Moreover, merchandising activities require relatively low financial costs subject to professional implementation.

Merchandising of shop windows involves implementation of a whole range of special activities. Themainonesareasfollows:

  • regular and competent layout of goods;
  • visual design of a store using POS materials, tailored solutions with lighting etc.;
  • competent selection of background sound;
  • shop personnel recruitment and special training.

Professional merchandising in a store makes it more convenient and eye-catching for customers. It facilitates their search of product needed, as well as stimulates them to make impulse purchases. In addition, customers have the opportunity to get to know new products and brands. On the other hand, merchandising in a store drives up shop turnover and enables to minimize dead articles.

Thus, it is important to entrust merchandising functions to consummate professionals in order to maximize shop turnover and profitability.

Our offer

Retaillux agency offers its professional merchandising services of shop windows for all kinds of products. We work with super- and hypermarkets, as well as small shops within walking distance, we specialize in merchandising of groceries and household shops, clothing and home appliances stores, and other outlets.

Our highly-qualified employees will ensure appropriate layout of your goods, monitoring of up-to-date price tags, ad placement and will carry out other merchandising activities. With our help you can boost your sales volumes, maximize efficiency of shopping space and shop window usage, as well as your profits.

Transparent scheme of work


Lysenko Pavel


We express our thanks to the management and experts of Retaillux merchandising agency for efficient work on promoting our brand products on the market of the capital. Thanks to high-quality merchandising we actually achieved sales growth on each SKU in all retail chains where they were present. Thanks you for results achieved, under prevailing economic circumstances they were more than satisfying. We are planning to develop our business cooperation with your agency as further as possible.

LLC Combis Plus


We express our gratitude to top management and staff of RetailLux for the quality of services provided and strong results of projects implementation in merchandising. After almost three year of mutual cooperation we are especially pleased to point out high competence of your team, strong knowledge of the market, its trends and environment. We had plenty of opportunities to become convinced that every decision we had made in favour of your agency turned out to be right. We express our hope for this cooperation to go on and continue to as beneficial as it is now.



RetailLux agency was engaged as an outsourced partner with us when opening product supermarket chain after reorganization. Agency's employees deserve high credit for their job: during a week an impressively large scope of work was managed, different types of goods layout done, all necessary preparations in supermarket showrooms finalized for opening. Staff is perfectly organized, staff discipline and working efficiency are strongly supervised. The level of services provided is totally satisfying. Also we would like to point out that pricing for services is comparable to the market average and we find it reasonable. Thanks for your job and we will certainly continue using your services further on.

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