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Merchandising at a grocery store

Of all factors that can provide an outlet with competitive edge in today’s market, it is merchandising at grocery store that holds almost a key position. The use of merchandising principles enables to exert a noticeable impact on consumers’ choice, literally manipulate their attention, channeling it towards certain groups of products and prompting them to make impulse purchases etc.

Grocery store: goals of using merchandising techniques.

Merchandising in a grocery store addresses the main task, which is to enсourage the promptest and most profitable sale of products available, to ensure an incremental increase in profits of an outlet. Sales volumes and turnover increase due to the fact that competently applied merchandising techniques facilitate buyers’ choice and encourage them to make even greater purchases.

Competent merchandising in a grocery store helps to build a positive image in customers’ minds, who then will be coming back for more shopping again and again.

Basic merchandising tools for grocery stores.

To make a product most attractive, affordable and easily recognizable to the buyer is a primary task, which is addressed by merchandising in a grocery store. Efficient merchandising tools include store design, direction of visitor flows on a trading floor, quality and quantity of promotional materials and many more.

Professional merchandising in a grocery store can boost sales of individual product groups by 2-3 times. Let us single out the most important techniques that directly push toward higher sales: zoning of a trading floor, placement of product groups, grocery products layout.

Basic principles of merchandising effective when selling grocery products:

  • layout of groceries according to “golden triangle” principle: most in-demand (it is usually bakery products in grocery stores) are placed in the far corner, while cashier’s desks are located in the opposite. In order to buy bakery products and go to cashier's desk, a customer is forced to walk through the entire store, see the whole range of products available and make as more purchases as possible;
  • placing products at different levels in relation to a customer: it is common knowledge that a product laid out at eye level kindles buyer’s interest the most and therefore is sold better;
  • segregation and grouping of goods by various features (brand, packaging, weight etc.);
  • due account of unconscious movement principles when zoning the space of a trading floor.

Professionally executed merchandising in a grocery store ensures attraction of customer’s attention to a possibly greater number of goods and thus stimulates him to buy more.

It is important to make full use of visual and olfactory sensation of a customer in a grocery store, since they are to play key role when it comes to deciding on buying a particular product. Building a pleasant, even relaxing atmosphere in a grocery store is crucial, since it contributes to noticeable increase in the number of impulse purchases.

Principles of product layout

Merchandising in a grocery store it is primarily about competent layout of goods on trading equipment. The main types of layout made use in modern outlets are similar regardless of their particularity and size:

  • horizontal layout whereby products are laid out on the shelves so as to direct buyer’s attention to the types of goods being promoted, for instance, by alternating less and more popular types/brands;
  • vertical layout ensures customer focus on the shelves, where actively promoted products are placed;
  • display layout which involves arrangement of additional points such as stands, stimulates positive buyer interest and presents products in the most favourable perspective.

Retaillux agency will fulfill any orders for merchandising in a grocery store of any scale and profile. Professionalism and extensive practical experience of our employees will guarantee substantial increase in your sales and profits.

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