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Merchandising in retail industry

Retail trade is a major focus of efforts in merchandising. In this case it enables to achieve the highest results and drive up our client’s profitability. And it can be both shop and retail chain owners, and manufacturers and suppliers of goods.

Merchandising as a tool of increasing sales

Merchandising in retail trade is a set of activities that enables to increase sales volumes, as well as to build positive image of a store and individual brands, whose products are offered on the trading floor.

Among other things merchandising in retail trade includes the following:

  • goods layout with due account for marketing laws and client standards;
  • updating POS materials and price tags on a regular basis;
  • monitoring of price and marketing policies of competitors;
  • developmentofplanograms;
  • visual and audio design of a trading floor aimed at increasing sales;
  • developmentofrecommendedoffers;
  • training and development of motivational schemes for salesforce.

Professional merchandising is designed to give a favourable showing of goods to potential customers. For this reason they develop special rules of goods layout, make use of POS materials and special lighting to single out certain products and many other tools. Furthermore, they make an extensive use of latent methods and techniques that stimulate a store visitor to make impulse purchases and draw his attention to groups of products which must be sold in the first place.

Application of competently developed and implemented merchandising in retail trade enables to achieve higher sales volumes without additional contribution of efforts from salesforce. That ensures not only increase in revenue, but also lower payroll costs. Moreover, it decreases losses related to disposal of unsold goods that further enhances economic benefit.

Retaillux merchandising in retail trade

Our professional merchandising agency offers merchandising services in retail trade which will help you significantly increase your profits without incurring considerable expenses. We have a large staff of trained specialists which enables us to develop and implement merchandising activities of all kinds using the most up-to-date techniques and technologies.

Our agency cooperates with many large retail chains and hypermarkets that afford us greater opportunities and extensive experience. We apply an individual approach to each project, assigning a personal manager to it. Clients are provided with full detailed report on weekly and monthly basis. At the same time we offer good value for money which enables our client to achieve the highest results with minimum expenses.

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