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Outstaffing: specifics and particulars

Outstaffing is a practice of transferring part of personnel outside staffing table (you can say that outstaffing is a kind of outsourcing dealing exclusively with personnel). In case of outstaffing personnel that implements particular project is employed not in the company itself, but rather in outstaffing agency. Recruiting and supply of temporary staff for particular project is exactly the job we do for large number of our customers.

Benefits of such tool are evident:

  • company has no need to pay payroll taxes;
  • reduced flow of HR document;
  • no cost bearing for personnel employed within outstaffing;
  • business processes are more flexible and manageable.

RetailLux numerous clients have taken full advantage of outstaffing services in practice. Having an opportunity to get an extensive staff of employees for projects on time and without any issues attached is really convenient and economically justified, at the same time it allows to reduce corresponding costs significantly.

While providing outstaffing services we assemble a team of employees with necessary qualification for particular job. Moreover, we carry out managing and supervising processes. Our clients are able to focus on more essential business issues transferring staff recruitment and management operations to us. Such practice have already repeatedly proven to be effective among our clients.


Chernovaya Lilia


We had necessity to put in order the office, soon reopening after renovation. So we turned to RetailLux who offered workers and cleaners services on outsourcing basis. This experience was satisfying for us and we believe it to be absolutely positive. Large work scope was managed on time and of a high quality. RetailLux pleased us with thorough supervision over workers in the course of task fulfilment and the final result. In fact outsourcing of cleaning services turned out to be simple and economically advantageous soultion for us. We express our thanks to RetailLux for a great job.

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