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Outsourcing of sales assistants

Forcompanieswithhighproportionofearningsfromretailbusiness, it is important to establish a good workforce. That’s why many store owners choose outsourcing of sales assistants, which helps them to reduce costs and build effective work process. Despite a variety of options presented on the labor market, only a small percentage of specialists meet criteria required. Thus, a good sales assistant should:

  • be sociable, yet attentive and non-intrusive;
  • know psychology of sales, be able to catch buyer’s eye at the right time;
  • possess full information about the goods available for sale;
  • be reliable, responsible, efficient;
  • be able to handle a cash register, be familiar with cashier’s job;
  • begood-looking.

Outsourcing of sales assistants enables to get a specialist, who meets specified requirements, without much time spent on his recruitment. A temporary worker is already trained, and fully prepared for performance of his duties. Outsourcing of sales assistants also insures an employer against various risks connected with human factor, including instances of theft, being late to work and irresponsible behavior. If a candidate happened to not suit any client’s criterion or was unable to begin his work, the company providing this service would promptly make a replacement.

Temporary retail workers from Retaillux agency.

Our merchandising agency in Moscow offers outsourcing of sales assistants in various areas. Experienced, good-looking guys and girls with skills for successful sales will be an advantageous solution for your business. Each candidate has a special education, work experience, good feedback and recommendations from previous jobs. They can be safely entrusted with handling cash register as well as reputation of the store. Therefore, if you need temporary product sellers, outsourcing of sales assistants by Retailllux is the best solution. Alongside high professionalism of personnel provided by us, our service has other benefits as well, such as:

  • temporarily leased employee enables to minimize costs and tax burden;
  • provides efficient sales;
  • he does not to be included in payroll, no need to administer his personal files;
  • you can always replace a temporary worker with another one, if necessary.

Outsourcing of sales assistants is available for any period. Work schedule, shifts are determined by an employing party, the main condition is to comply with labor and other current legislation. We can establish a cooperation regarding employment of temporary staff on contractual basis; all key aspects of the service will be stipulated in such a contract.

As for the cost, it depends on work schedule, store’s area of activity, goods (services) being sold, duties of an employee, therefore it is calculated individually.

Call us! Retaillux will select an appropriate sales assistant for achieving higher sales in your store.

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