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Outsourcing of taggers

Tagger is a specialist who is responsible for keeping records of goods by stickering them and scanning existing stickers with barcodes. Since the job involves dealing with a large volume of products, a man of this profession has to be attentive, responsible and industrious. Typically women are the ones who do stickering and scanning of products. The work doesn’t require much physical effort, and is known for its monotony.

Stock count is not difficult, yet takes much time.Therefore in manufacturing there is a special position of tagger and scanner. There is not always a necessity for such an employee. In order to save on hiring these specialists full-time, they are usually outsourced. This means that an employer can use specialist’s services for a certain period of time. It is a third-party organization licensed to carry out such activities that leases them, and labor relations are regulated by labor legislation.

Outsourcing of temporary scanners by Retaillux.

You can hire taggers on outsourcing basis in our agency. We are the largest trusted merchandising agency in Russia with many years of relevant experience. We value our reputation, and therefore we take a responsible approach to staff selection, each of our specialists is a reliable and honest person who will effectively deal with the tasks outlined.

You can hire a tagger on outsourcing exclusively on contractual basis. In addition to a contract, labor relations between and employee and an employing party are regulated by the current legislation and the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. You can use services of temporary warehouse staff one-time, for a short period (one shift, at least 5 hours), for couple of weeks or months based on your needs. Work schedule, time (day/night shift), number of employees hired and a scope of work are determined by a client and stipulated in a contract. The price is calculated based on contractual terms.

Advantages of hiring personnel from Retaillux.

Hiring a tagger on outsourcing in our agency has a number of advantages:

  • we ensure safety and confidentiality;
  • we take full material and legal responsibility for each of our employees;
  • we provide highly-qualified and effective specialists;
  • we carry out prompt replacement of personnel in case of emergency;
  • we tailor individual approach to each client;
  • we administer personnel files for our employees ourselves.

Thus, outsourcing enables to gain benefits from cost saving and high efficiency of work in an enterprise, so if you need a trustworthy tagger, scanner or a specialist of other profession, you are welcome to contact Retaillux.

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