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Outsourcing of warehouse personnel

Outsourcing of a warehouse implies a shift of transportation and storage processes and operations to another external party. In order to do this, a third-party organization must possess specially equipped premises. Lease is granted on the basis of a bilateral agreement which specifies terms, client requirements, goods specifics, etc.


  • warehouse management, rent of space;
  • carryingoutstevedoringactivities;
  • sorting, labeling, distribution of delivered and dispatched goods;
  • productaccounting;
  • sundrywork.

So, if a company lacks suitable warehouse space, favourable decision would be to outsource warehousing services. It is a variety of rental with the difference that you can additionally make use of full range of related services. This is its advantage over ordinary lease. In case of outsourcing, a client doesn’t have to additionally invest in the organization of warehouse processes, repair, equipment of storage areas. The advantages include minimization of burden of workload on HR department, tax optimization, absence of costs of problem-solving activities associated with product storage.

Warehouse and workforce outsourcing services offered by Retaillux agency.

Our agency, possessing specially equipped facilities, offersoutsourcing of warehouse for storage of any kind of raw materials and products. We own premises suitable for storage of oversized goods, warm warehouse facilities, as well as those equipped with refrigerating machinery. You can enter into an agreement with us for a couple of weeks or months. Also don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in short-term storage for a duration of relocation, repairment of your own warehouse, transit of goods. Along with facilities we also provide outsourcing of warehouse personnel who will accomplish a full scope of required work regarding distribution of goods. Experienced, efficient, conscientious porters, pickers and taggers are at your service. Since we are responsible for each specialist we provide you, instances of theft or errors occuring in the course of work are highly unlikely.

Warehouse outsourcing services may be rendered comprehensively or partially. It depends on production needs and your requirements. You can rent a warehouse with minimum related services (stevedoring services, including those with the use of special equipment), or you can order an outsourcing of warehouse personnel. The price is calculated individually based on contractual terms.

Are you interested in outsourcing of warehouse personnel or facilities for goods storage? You are welcome to contact Retaillux agency! You will be pleased with our professionalism and favorable prices.

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