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Outsourcing of handymen

Our merchandising agency renders services of temporary staff of various professions, including outsourcing of handymen. Cross-functionality is required in various industries, such as manufacturing, trade, construction and so on, wherever an additional workforce for carrying out sorting, loading and unloading goods, cleaning and removing of construction waste is needed. These types of work doesn’t require special knowledge, as long as a person is efficient and reliable. Therefore, outsourcing of handymen that we provide for a period of your interest is a profitable solution.

Establishment of a workforce by involving temporary employees is a common practice. It enable you to achieve significant cost savings and ensure efficient operation of a company. By contacting Retaillux, you can quickly order outsourcing of general workers, having stated your requirements and having described specifics of a task. We will select you one or several employees to perform one-time or regular works, ensuring efficient operation of a company.

Using our services, you gain a number of benefits:

  • reduce the cost of keeping regular staffing positions;
  • optimize taxation;
  • reduce the burden of workload on HR department, since we are to keep personnel files for temporary staff;
  • no need to recruit staff on your own;
  • probability of errors associated with human factor is low;
  • insure against downtime connected with absenteeism at work.

Outsourcing of general workers by Retaillux also guarantees safety. We do thorough background checks of each of our specialists, therefore you don’t have to worry about safety of your material and intellectual assets which can be accessed by a Retaillux temporary employee. Also providing temporary staff, we bear full financial and legal responsibility for them.

Features and cost of hiring temporary workers.

Outsourcing of general workers in carried out exclusively on contractual basis. Requirements of a client, terms of employment of a worker, his work schedule, and other terms, including rights and obligations of parties are specified in a contract. Besides a contract, labor relations between an employing party and a temporary specialist are regulated by the current legislation and the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

As for the cost of outsourcing of general workers, it depends on various factors. Specifics of a work, its time, duration of a shift and employment are taken into account, therefore calculation if carried out individually for each client.

Retaillux is a legal transparency of cooperation, individual approach and confidentiality. Call us and we will solve your issues with personnel!

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