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Outsourcing of promoters

Promoters are specialists who promote products and services of companies that hire them. Their task is to kindle potential audience’s interest by demonstrating advantages of a product being advertised, and encourage a person to make a purchase.Today you can encounter a smiling guy or a girl with promotional leaflets or product samples, which they hand out to passers-by on every street corner, but not all of the are successful salesman. Merely 15% of them possess required skills, sufficient level of professionalism and are able to deftly sell an advertised product. Therefore, smart solution for the majority of companies promoting their products on the market is to outsource promoters, whose performance efficiency is guaranteed by our agency.

Advantages of temporary promoters from Retaillux.

Retaillux is the largest merchandising company in Russia that outsources representatives of different professions, including promoters. We take a responsible approach to selection of candidates, therefore each specialist we recommend fully possesses necessary knowledge to perform his duties properly. Thus, outsourcing of promoters does have the following advantages:

  • client gets a highly qualified specialist with skills and experience, who needs no training;
  • saving money and time on social package, HR department paperwork;
  • no need to pay taxes for an employee;
  • ability to outsource a specialist for a desired period of time - for one-off, short-term promo actions or on a long-term basis;
  • outsourcing of promoters mitigates risks associated with human factor, and in case if a hired specialist cannot immediately take up his duties, we provide a replacement at short notice. 

Thus, you save up money and your time by outsourcing a temporary specialist majoring in advertising, sales, promotion of products and services. You don’t have to keep and additional employee, since promotional activities are not carried out on daily basis over 12 months a year. Also outsourcing of promoters addresses an issue of staff recruitment, its training and supervision.

What qualities do our employees possess?

Since our agency sets tough requirements for the personnel being hired, our employees specialising in advertising and sales, namely promoters have the following qualities:

  • good-looking, with field-specific education;
  • sociability, proactiveattitude;
  • ability to present favorably a product, to kindle potential audience’s interest;
  • charisma, ability to exert influence on people, using psychological methods;
  • strongstudycapability.

We stand assured of our specialists, therefore outsourcing of promoters from Retaillux is a profit making decision. By entering into an agreement with us you get the best salesmen who will further promotion of your brand and effectively carry out promotional activities of any scale.

Terms of personnel outsourcing.

Promoters are outsourced exclusively on a contractual basis, in strict compliance with labor legislation of the Russian Federation. Employee requirements, peculiarities of duties, work schedule, deadlines as well as prices are all indicated in a bilateral agreement. As for the prices they depend on the particular case. Given the benefits a client gains, the price for services is adequate.

Therefore if you need professionals, you are more than welcome to our merchandising agency.

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