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Outsourcing of sales clerks

Our agency provides services of temporary employees of various professions, including outsourcing of sales clerks, ensuring professionalism, reliability and safety. It is difficult to select a professional of this speciality on your own, as he must have certain skills, experience, ability to handle cash register, and be familiar with procedure of performing cash operations. Along with qualification trustiness is of great importance as well, since a person will have to deal with money. Outsourcing of cashiers will help to avoid many issues, mitigate risks associated with identifying suitable candidate. Retaillux takes a responsible approach to selection of its employees. Each of them is thoroughly tested, including for criminal and administrative violation records. Therefore, outsourcing sales clerks we bear full financial and legal responsibility before our clients.

Temporary staff provided by our agency has experience, skills, diligence and trustiness required. Almost all our specialists are young, sociable, good-looking people under the age of 35, who take responsibility for the fulfillment of their duties. Outsourcing of sales clerks is carried out on contractual basis, and has the following advantages:

  • we provide trained personnel who are ready to do the job;
  • you don’t have to waste your time searching for a suitable candidate;
  • minimization of costs by tax optimization and reduced staff maintenance expenditure;
  • rapid employment, meaning our specialist will dive into the work on a specified day;
  • possibilityofquickreplacement;
  • you don’t have to formalize an employment of a specialist in HR department. 

Thus, outsourcing of sales clerks enables you to open your own store at the lowest possible cost and without much trouble and employees necessary to operate a point of sale.

Specifics of recruitment of temporary cashiers and sales clerks.

Our agency operates in strict accordance with labor legislation of the Russian Federation, and employment of temporary specialists is formalized by concluding bilateral contract that indicates client’s requirements for the candidate being hired, as well as rights and obligations of the parties. Outsourcing of cashiers and sales clerks does have the following features to it:

  • full financial and legal responsibility of a person who has begun to fulfil his duties (Retaillux itself comes as a guarantor in this case);
  • you can order services for any period of time you need (minimum 15 days);
  • client can choose any work schedule, nights or day shifts with duration from 5 to 12 hours. 

The price of outsourcing depends on profession (cashier or sales clerk), duties, level of responsibility, working schedule, therefore is calculated individually for each client. Therearediscountsforregularclients.

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