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Outsourcing of pickers

An order picker is a specialty that involves sorting activities and warehouse inventory control. In order to ensure accuracy they use consignment notes and special device for scanning barcodes with product description and their subsequent entry to the computer. Certain industries have ongoing need for specialists of this profession, whereas others demonstrate an urge on a temporary basis. That said it is still worthwhile to outsource services in both cases.

Picker services from Retaillux. Features and benefits.

Outsourcing of pickers is one of the services our agency offers to its clients. We provide the best mindful, effective specialists for any period of time (minimum for 1 shift). They will be carrying out the full scope of required work in a good manner and without making mistakes. This is the main advantage of outsourced specialists over full-time employees. We ensure high level of professionalism, and bear full financial and legal responsibility, should any shortcomings occur. Thus, outsourcing of pickers not only saves a client money usually spent on recruitment and maintenance of a full-time employee of this specialty, but also insures him against potential losses associated with human factor.

Warehouse workers specialising in picking and inventory management may be employed to fulfill a single order or for a specific period of time, including long-term involvement (up to 9 months). There is an option to employ a specialist in a day or a night shift with duration of 5 to 12 hours. Since pickers are outsourced on a contractual basis, all requirements for a candidate with a full description of functional duties and work schedule are stipulated in a contract. In addition to a bilateral written agreement, labor relations are regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and current legislation.

Outsourcing of pickers by Retaillux has a number of advantages:

  • always discreet, trustworthy, punctual, highly-qualified and responsible employees with Russian citizenship who were never charged with a criminal and administrative offence;
  • simplicity of formalization, prompt provision of personnel;
  • fulfillment of all client’s requirements that don’t contradict criminal legislation and the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • take up all paperwork for a temporary specialist, including tax statement, medical insurance, etc., cover bonuses and leave allowance;
  • ensurequalityandconfidentiality.  

Also outsourcing of pickers involves and option of prompt replacement of a specialist due to illness or other reasons. The process of selection of temporary specialists is carried out in accordance with criteria set by a client and specifics of a job.


As for the price outsourcing of pickers by Retaillux will please you with an adequate cost. It depends on different factors, including type of object, its location, work schedule, work specifics and others, therefore is calculated individually. There are discounts for regular clients.

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Yaroslav Zubtsov (Retail chain GM)


It has been long time since we have got rid of superfluous red tape with personnel and its recruitment. Outsourcing services provided by Retaillux has saved us not only a huge amount of money, but also effort. Retaillux also provides a wide range of useful services at moderate prices, such as merchandising and outstaffing for instance.

Maria Zavyalova (HR-manager)


We resorted to Retaillux outsourcing services a year ago. There are competent staff selection, building up production sites and many more to the services provided by the agency. It is very convenient and significantly reduces costs in addition.

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