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Outsourcing of HR services

It is difficult to find highly qualified personnel, and even harder to maintain it. That’s why the majority of companies prefer to cooperate with agencies that provide the required employees temporarily. Among the most popular professions are accountants, lawyers, martekers, production workers as well as HR specialists. HR department is the most important unit within any organization. It has tons of responsibilities to meet and large volume of paperwork to deal with. It is impossible to do without HR specialists, yet expensive to maintain. Therefore, a smart solution would be to outsource HR services that will enable you to cope with a certain number of related tasks and save on staff costs at the same time.

What does an outsourcing of HR services include? Advantages.

Our merchandising agency, providing temporary employees of different professions to companies, also does offer outsourcing of HR services. It implies fulfillment of all responsibilities regarding HR management by our employees, whatever form of ownership an enterprise or organization does have, namely:

  • selection of candidates, their recruitment, dismissal, relocation within an enterprise;
  • administration of vacations, medical leaves, business trips;
  • maintenance of relevant documentation, registers, books, employees’ personal files, lists;
  • registration of employment / discharge orders, payment of rewards, fines and so on;
  • maintenance of timesheets and staffing table;
  • development of internal regulations, labor agreements, instructions, official duties;
  • instruction to employees with regard to internal regulatory framework, military registration;
  • generation and submission of reports to the Employment Fund, military registration and enlistment office, other funds.

HR specialists we provide are professionals. They conscientiously fulfil their job in concordance with the current labor, tax, civil legislation of the Russian Federation.

Outsourcing of staffing services has a lot of benefits. Of these, the key one is the ability to significantly reduce costs without affecting work quality. A manager can fully rely on guaranteed level of qualification of HR specialists we provide, focusing on solution of other production tasks. That said the cost of Retaillux outsourcing services happens to be 50-60% lower, since you don’t need to allocate funds from budget to cover salaries and wages, vacations, medical leaves, workspaces. Our agency bears full financial and legal responsibility for our temporary employees’ performance, therefore them making errors is highly unlikely. Outsourcing of staffing services also saves you the trouble of training new employees, coping with issues of high staff turnover. If our specialist gets ill, we immediately provide you with a new one that doesn’t need to be brought up to speed.

Prices, terms.

You can hire one or several HR specialists for any period of time, but no more than 9 months. Outsourcing of staffing services is rendered on a contractual basis, therefore list of duties of our employee, time. working conditions are negotiated in advance upon entering into an agreement. Labor relationships take place in strict accordance with labor legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as contractual terms.

As for a price for services, it depends on term of employment, volume of work and other factors, therefore it is calculated individually. Yet in general it is competitive and makes up only a small percentage of the amount that would have to be spent on maintenance of HR department.

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